quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

Uma mensagem aos meus amigos comunistas.

Estava lendo esse paper e achei esse trecho extremamente interessante.

"Once we accept that institutions, especially bad ones, may not be very persistent without the underlying power structures holding them in place, it becomes easier to understand why we have seen such extraordinary change in countries that were under the yoke of communism. While the years spent under communism may have affected peoples’ attitudes somewhat (see Alesina and Fuchs- Schudeln (2005)), the speed with which socialist institutions were replaced by market institutions does not speak highly of the durability of the former. We would argue that one of the virtues of communism is a very strong emphasis on education, and this creates the broad constituencies that can press for market reforms once the stranglehold of the nomenklatura is broken. Ironically, instead of capitalism containing the seeds of its own destruction, the seeds for flourishing capitalism have been nurtured in the soil of communism. Capitalism may well be the final stage of communism!"

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